Our History


Our vision is to create a world where everybody knows how to better prepare, buy and enjoy food in a simple and affordable way, so that their life is healthier, longer and more fulfilling.



Our mission is to use the simplest and highest quality natural products possible, starting from our Tuscan origin and food culture, and make it available at affordable prices to New Yorkers so that we can have a profound impact on their lives.

In a few words: we are on a mission to make New Yorkers live longer, healthier and happier.

Eat Tuscan, live longer. Eat Tuscan, run faster.
Eat Tuscan, stay leaner. Eat Tuscan, work smarter.
Eat Tuscan, love deeper. Eat Tuscan, try harder.
Eat Tuscan, push stronger. Eat Tuscan, laugh louder.


How do we make
New Yorkers
Live Longer?

Our Mantra Is:
  • Take the best fresh and natural ingredients,
  • Treat them with respect (i.e. no complex processing),
  • Be inspired by simple traditional Tuscan recipes (which are packed with life enhancing superfoods!),
  • Made modern and exciting for modern and fast-paced New Yorkers
    who want to live better and longer (and eat faster).

We follow the simple rules that our mothers and grandmothers taught us. We prefer traditional "grandma approved" recipes, and we give them a modern twist using life-enhancing superfoods. We conceive our recipes for you to eat at your pace: fast or slow. Sitting down or on the go. But always convenient. We change our menu seasonally, so that what you eat is in tune with nature. We make in house everything we sell, so we know what's in there. We only use natural highly selected ingredients, preferably sourced locally, and organic whenever possible. We use only the best organic stone ground flour sourced from small farms in New York and Italy. We love sourdough and its goodness, that's how we make our bread. We would love you to make our recipes at home, and fall in love with the food that makes us happier and healthier!!